9 Tips For Applying Liquid Lipstick

9 Tips For Applying Liquid Lipstick


Liquid lipstick has become all the rage in the beauty scene today. In as much as we love the liquid lipstick, it can be a chore to apply. Most times, you end up looking like you tried playing Candy Crush on your lips and failed one to many times.

In this video with beauty vlogger Nikkie Tutorials, she explains in detail how to apply your liquid lipstick and all the tips and tricks to make your lips pop just like a professional.

Nine things you should know;

  • Use a little bit of concealer or foundation on your lips to make the lip colour pop.
  • Use a brush instead of the wand of the liquid lipstick.
    Create a cross on your cupid’s bow.
  • Pop you lips and use your brush upwards to meet the top line of your mouth.
  • After outlining you can fill with the lipstick wand.
  • Do the center of your bottom lip with the lipstick wand.
  • Use your brush to fill the corner of your lips.
  • To get the true colour of the liquid lipstick, dip the wand back into the lipstick and double coat.

Use a concealer to sharpen the lines on the outside a little bit more.