How To Boost Your Energy After A Bad Night’s Sleep

How To Boost Your Energy After A Bad Night’s Sleep


It’s tough to rise and shine after a night of tossing and turning. The worst is feeling exhausted and knowing you have a full day ahead. But here are some tips that can help get you the energy you need to put your nose to the grindstone:

Expose yourself to sunlight: , a sleep specialist, says that exposure to as much sunlight as possible after a bad night of rest can be beneficial. He said the light makes you more alert and can help reset your biological clock.

Physical activity: Just 5 to 10 minutes of brisk movement can get you going. If you’re at work, try using a bathroom that’s farther away. If you have time, going on a quick morning jog or opting to take the stairs can really help.

Catnap: Be careful not to doze off too long–15 or 20 minutes is all you need to wake up more refreshed. Any longer and you can suffer from “sleep inertia,” which is when you get groggy after your body enters deeper phases of sleep. Try wearing an eye mask or use a washcloth to block out any light.

Get your caffeine fix: Sip coffee or tea throughout the morning and early afternoon to keep you energized. Be careful not to drink any later in the day, as it can stay in your system for a while and keep you from falling asleep later that night.

Snack smart: After getting a good breakfast that mixes proteins and healthy carbohydrates, be sure to keep some healthy munchies around. Nuts, veggies, and hummus can be great options because they’re high in nutrients and can provide you with steady energy all day long.

For the next night…Plan to recover from a bad night’s sleep with a more restful one tonight. Try to go to bed when you normally would–not earlier–you don’t want your biological clock to get out of whack. Be sure to complete your nighttime routine (brush teeth, lay out tomorrow’s clothes, read for a bit) before your head hits the pillow.