President’s corruption war not one-sided –Osinbajo

President’s corruption war not one-sided –Osinbajo


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has dismissed insinuations that President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war is one-sided, just as he disclosed that some governors who belong to the ruling party are also being prosecuted.

Osinbajo said this at The Platform, a programme convened by Poju Oyemade, senior pastor of the Covenant Christian Centre, in Lagos, yesterday,

“Well, I don’t agree that the anti-corruption fight is one-sided. What I think is that obviously there was a federal government that was in place for 16 years and a lot of what you are seeing in terms of prosecution is at the federal level.

“Obviously, the corrupt activities that took place when there was the federal government and the same political party that was in power for 16 years. So, invariably you are bound to find more persons within that period who may have committed actions that are subjected to form of trials or the other. The other point to note is that if you look at the governors of the states that are being prosecuted, you will find that there are some governors who belong to the ruling party, who are also being prosecuted.

“So, it is not one-sided and one thing I want to make clear is that as far as the president is concerned; that is, president Buhari, he is absolutely committed to this fight against corruption and he cannot see the difference between one party and another.

This is, in fairness to him, because I discuss with him regularly on these issues. I think he is very, very committed to ensuring that anyone who infringes on the law of the land with respect to corruption will be dealt with. I believe that is the way that we want to carry on.

Of course, I believe that there will be situations where people could say, well, you didn’t address these issues immediately or you didn’t address that issue; but, one thing you can be sure of is that the wheel of justice might grind slowly, but, surely, it will get there.”