HINARI is no longer free in Nigeria 0

HINARI is no longer free in Nigeria 0

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HealthNewsNG can exclusively report that WHO’s HINARI is no longer free for Nigerian users…

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that institutions in Nigeria will no longer be able to enjoy free access to HINARI – a platform that offers free access to several journals and publications. The decision also affects other Research4Life programmes.

HealthNewsNG gathered that the development was brought about by Nigeria’s shift from Group A to Group B Research4Life eligibility in 2017. This means that the Nigerian institutions will need to pay US$ 1500 for access to Hinari and others.

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In 2014, Nigeria’s development indicators exceeded the thresholds set by the Research4Life partnership for completely free access.  In 2015, the thresholds were again exceeded thus triggering the initiation of the transition to Group B. In August 2015, all contacts at the Hinari/Research4Life institutions received a message informing them that Nigeria would be shifted to Group B in January 2017, providing more than one year’s notice of the change.

Since 2014 when the thresholds were initially crossed until now, Nigeria’s development numbers have continued to grow.

UNDP Human Development Index (HDI) 2013 data (latest available in 2014): 0.504
UNDP HDI 2016 data (latest available in 2017): 0.527

World Bank GNI 2012 (latest available in 2014): US$ 242.7 billion
World Bank GNI 2015 (latest available in 2017): US$ 507.9 billion

World Bank GNI per capita 2012 (latest available in 2014): US$ 1,440
World Bank GNI per capita 2015 (latest available in 2017): US$ 2,790

Hinari eligibility indicators and thresholds can be consulted here

There are some publishers who offer their publications through Hinari/Research4Life to Group B institutions regardless of whether the institution has paid the Group B fee, and those publishers can be found here

In an exclusive interview with HealthNewsNG, Kimberly Parker, HINARI’s Programme Director, said the programme is growing and adapting to changes