■ Nigerians descend on billionaire kidnapper, Evans

…Say, ‘You can’t get what you denied victim who paid $1.2m ransom’

By Enyeribe Ejiogu and Onyedika Agbedo

Nigerians yesterday descended angrily on notorious kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, who was arrested penultimate Saturday by the police, after reading the account Chief James Uduji in his den, saying that he deserves no mercy and should be made to pay for his sins.
Evans and his gang had kidnapped Uduji on September 7, 2015 and he only succeeded in regaining his freedom on October 19, the same year, after paying a ransom of $1.2 million.
According to Uduji’s account, he survived in the kidnappers’ den only by the grace of God as he sustained a serious gunshot wound from the gang when they were shooting at him and his two drivers in the process of kidnapping him even when they were not armed.
“They shot us, me and two of my drivers but luckily, nobody died. I still have a bullet in my body. By the time I realised they were kidnappers, they dragged me out of my vehicle to their own Lexus 470 Jeep. Inside their Jeep, there were lots of arms and ammunition inside a box…One of them just held me as I was seriously bleeding,” he recalled.
Uduji, who narrated that his abductors ensured that he was treated until he got better, described the experience as very ugly, adding that he was fed with Indomie noodles for the six-week period he was in their den.
He also recounted how the gang forced his family to pay $1.2 million ransom instead of the $1million they demanded initially. “You know, I paid $1.2 million. We paid it in three installments. We paid two hundred thousand dollars, eight hundred thousand dollars and another two hundred thousand dollars. He claimed that, the first two hundred dollars we paid had been cancelled because we set them up by inviting security agents to be tracking them. That’s how we were accused and that the payment had been rubbished. He bargains with the victims, he doesn’t bargain with the families. Whatever he asked for that is what the family would pay. A person that is under chain, what would he say?
Anything they asked you to do, you just had to do it because of your life. That was not joke, they meant business. If you refused to cooporate, they would kill you. I am sure; they have killed some people there. I stayed there for six weeks,” he recalled.
Uduji also recounted that he was kept for another eight days after he had finished paying the ransom, adding that when he was finally released, Evans told him that “any day you are going to do thanksgiving, we are going to be there.”
Nigerians who read Uduji’s pathetic account of his ordeal in the hands of Evans and his gang urged the authorities to show no mercy to him and ensure that the law takes its full course in spite of pleas by his wife and other family members.
Many of them, who took to the social media to vent their anger on the development, also called for the confiscation of his property even as they urged the government to set up a high-powered probe to unearth those that colluded with him to perpetrate the crime over the years. Below are their reactions:

Ike Amaefula: That guy is a beast! And this is the guy now asking for mercy? Even his wife asking mercy for him, because of her and his children? The worst treatment should be metted out to him, and his family! Nothing less! Imagine the trauma he subjected his victims and their families to? If it were some states in the East, by now all houses traced to him would have been reduced to rubble! His bank accounts should be frozen, and all monies confiscated, together with all vehicles and other assets.
Finally, Iwish he ‘mysteriously’ dies in police custody, even before trial!
Rotimi Adebayo: Oh God of Creation, may You never allow Evans, this bloodsucking and Godforsaken criminal to escape the hottest damnation and judgement from generation to generation in Jesus Mighty Name. And may his offsprings from generation to generation never know joy and peace all their lives. !
The authorities should set up a high-powered probe to unearth those colluding with him at the Festac and Okota Police and other Lagos State Police Command Divisions urgently.
This is too blood chilling. !

Mary Ekahetteh: The Evans guy been get liver no be small! He had such gut to say he would go for his victim’s thanksgiving at church. He even had gut to mock God too but the Bible says: “… God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.’ And now Evans has eventually fallen into the hands of the Almighty God and must pay for all the sins he has committed and the pains he has caused so many families.

Alli Taoheed Mobolaji: I pray and hope for Justice..Guys like him should be at alert, learn and stop now. Every citizen of the nation have a right to a secure environment. I commend the effort of joint forces that contributed to this successful operation and we hope to see more of this.

Catherine Oluwabunmi Pearls: If they get to the root of this investigation, I bet you . police are involved. Evans is not the only one involved in this issue. No be 9ja we dey. Maybe he don’t settle dem well end and that’s why he’s been exposed.

Olaleye Olawale: Imagine taking millions in dollars from people and still cannot give them decent meals? Even if the juju sure pass anything, e go fail ultimately because the guy business no get human face. Tah!

Falilat Abiri Balogun: Useless idiot and yet the stupid wife who claims she doesn’t know what the husband does is begging for forgiveness.



‘FreeEvans’ campaign condemned


Nigerians have condemned an online campaign seeking freedom for captured notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans, who has been in police custody.
People who stumbled on the ‘FreeEvans’ hashtag on Twitter lambasted the creator, stressing that it amounted to condoning the evil done by alleged billionaire kidnapper, whose satanic activities caused untold trauma to his victims, and wrecked their businesses.
Below are some of the tweets…

King Nomso@ani_nomSo

Everybody partaking in hashtag FreeEvans may kidnappers locate you; you are mad. Evans destroyed families in Festac Town. My goodness.